Thoughts I Have During a Day of Procrastinating

– Wow I woke up so early!! I’ll have everything done by, like, 8, and then I’ll watch a cute movie tonight!

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I wonder what’s poppin’ on Twitter and Insta. 

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll. 

Why didn’t anyone post something at 2am this morning so I could have something to look at when I woke up? Inconsiderate.

Ok, it’s been two hours. I should probably emerge from my bed and start the day. 

What to eat, what to eat.  

Grilled cheese, duh. 

Wow, it’s still only 11am, I’m making such good time. 

Alright, what do I have on my to-do list today? 

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All of this will only take a couple hours to do. I have so much time!!


Time to play the Sims 3!!! 

Why is my life duller than my cute lil Sims family? That’s pathetic in more ways than one.  

No one’s texted me all day…which is good because I need to focus on my schoolwork…yeah.

I wish I had a car. 

Why is it only nice on the days that I don’t leave my bed?

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Speaking of my bed, I love you bed. 

I should probably open one of my curtains to let in some sun. 

Ah, a sliver of natural light is just what I needed. 

I really need to do my work.

Except I’m not inspired. Everyone knows you can’t work on projects if you’re not truly inspired.

Let me just find a couple articles about getting inspired. 

Maybe if I had a desk I’d be more focused. 

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But sitting at a desk would mean way too much time away from my bed. 

They should teach business by showing us episodes of Dragon’s Den. 

Dragon’s Den is so much better than Shark Tank. 

I’m so hungry. 

I can’t stop scrolling. 

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What would 2016 be like if smartphones weren’t invented?

What would 2016 be like if the internet was never discovered?

Wow, Raven. Stay away from such dark thoughts.

Can I afford to take a nap right now? 

How is it 3 p.m.? I swear it was 11 when I last checked. 

Productivity is relative.

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Why do my profs force me to read my textbooks? Why do I have to write midterms and finals? What is university?

Oh, that YouTuber just announced that she’s going to Europe, and subtly hinted at the fact that the trip is sponsored. 

Can someone sponsor me? 

What am I going to do after graduation?

Lol what am I going to do this summer? 

I need a sick internship so I can lowkey brag about it every time I speak–I mean… so I can gain experience.

Why does a three hour lecture last 80 hours, and my beloved Saturday 20 minutes??

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How do people do fun stuff on the weekend and still have time to study and finish assignments?

I may not have thriving social life, but at least I’m saving money!!!!

I totally don’t regret spending that money on my nails yesterday.

I still haven’t solved the lack of food situation.

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What movie should I watch tonight? 

I’m mentally organizing how I’ll write my assignment. That is what I call progress. 

You know what, I needed today to take a break and relax my fragile body; it was a long and tiring week.

I’m concerned about the earth. It’s way too warm for February and as much as I hate shoveling the snow, I hate it much more when ice caps melt 🙁

I hate when Iced Caps melt too. No I don’t. I just thought it’d be clever to say that. 

IDK what I’m doing with my life. 

I wonder if anyone will even care about the thoughts I have while procrastinating. 

Oh well. It’s my blog post. HA. 

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Just kidding. Be my friend. 

Be my valentine. 

I’m a mess. 

Let me wrap this up. 

I have a quiz and an assignment due next week. 

YES NETFLIX, I’m still watching Gilmore Girls. UGH.

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