Doing Things That Scare You

The opportunities to get involved at Ryerson are endless. You’ll be bombarded with decisions to join a club, apply for an on-campus job, volunteer, run for your student course union, or simply make friends with new people. The biggest thing I’ve learned from transitioning to University is the benefit of making yourself uncomfortable, of putting yourself out there, and trying things you’ve never done before, especially things that scare you a little bit. Whether it’s approaching a professor during office hours, taking on a new challenge, going to the gym by yourself, or anything else that puts you out of your comfort zone, university is the place to do it. Here’s why taking risks will change you for the better.

Meeting People

If you only go to class and go home without connecting with others, it’s going to be really difficult to make new friends in university. The best way to meet as many new people as you can, people you might even form close relationships with, is by getting involved in Ryerson’s vibrant community. Trust me, there’s so many wonderful people here at Ryerson who share your exact interests and are in the exact same position as you. So, when the opportunity presents itself to get involved in extracurriculars, don’t hesitate. Meeting people is essential to having a great university experience.

Future Career

If you’re worried about getting a good job after university, there’s a simple answer: get involved in your university! Although doing well academically is crucial, being an active member of your program, club, or the Ryerson community in general will help you develop the skills and experience needed to obtain the job you want after graduating. You need to make yourself as employable as possible through the many things you’ve participated in during university, and saying yes to scary opportunities is the perfect way to do that.

Confidence Building

Not only will your social circle begin to grow and your professional skills develop in the process of taking these risks, but you’ll find yourself becoming more confident and self-assured by taking on challenges you didn’t think you could accomplish. You’ll change and grow immensely during your undergraduate years simply by being brave and doing things that scare you.

I hope these 3 reasons help you keep in mind just what’s possible in university!

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