The Scholarship Situation

When I applied for university last year, I was daunted by all the fees for my first year (application fees, tuition deposits, residence fees). I started to look for scholarships to help me out. Ryerson has guaranteed and renewable scholarships available to first-year undergraduate applicants from a Canadian high school that have an overall average of 80% or higher in their final year of high school. If this applied to you, working towards one of these scholarships in high school is definitely worth it.

Ryerson has more than renewable scholarships to offer. They also have three prestigious entrance scholarships to offer to qualified applicants. If you applied for a program at Ryerson, chances are you can apply to these scholarships!

Last year, I applied for the Terence Grier Entrance Scholarship. For the application, I had to submit a personal letter outlining my experience in the field I was going in to. As well, I had to submit two reference letters, so I asked one of my Grade 12 teachers and my co-op supervisor from a placement in Grade 11. After uploading the three letters to the Google Form, I waited for a response. I heard back in late spring but unfortunately, it wasn’t the response I wanted. In the end, I received a renewable scholarship so I did get something!

Jim from the Office looking at his computer then shaking his head

What I probably looked like when I received the email notifying me I didn’t get the scholarship I applied for. Giphy

This year, for the Terence Grier Entrance Scholarship, applicants need a personal letter and two letters of reference. A final average of at least 85% in their top six Grade 12 U/M courses is needed, same as last year. If you live in Canada and meet the criteria, you’re able to apply for this scholarship for your first-year tuition!

The President’s Entrance Scholarship rewards applicants that have a 90%+ average in their top six Grade 12 U/M courses. As well, they need to have demonstrated leadership qualities throughout their lives. The application includes an essay or project summary, two references and a list of leadership activities. Canadian and international students can apply for this scholarship! If you’re one of the 12 recipients, you’ll receive a total of $40,000 over your four years at Ryerson ($10,000 per year)!

The third prestigious scholarship is exclusively for international students. If you’re an international student entering their first year, have a minimum 85% average and have volunteer, extracurricular or leadership experience, the International Secondary School Merit Scholarship is for you. Seven recipients will receive $5000 for their first-year costs.

The deadline for these prestigious scholarships is March 1st, 2020! Even if you haven’t received an offer of admission from Ryerson, you’re still able to apply for these scholarships. If none of these scholarships ring your bell, there are many online resources to research more options. Ask your guidance counsellors for any school-based awards. If you work a part-time job, ask your employer if there are any company scholarships. Apply for any scholarships you see, you never know and every effort counts!

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