The Ryerson Anime Club

Ryerson has so much more to offer than just academics. One of the best parts about student life at Ryerson is the diverse groups the University has to offer. We wanted to learn a little more about what these groups are like, so we met up with the Ryerson Anime Club.


The Ryerson Anime cClub hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year such as cosplay workshops, anime viewing and the popular maid cafe. If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, manga or cosplay, this group is for you!


Ryerson Anime club in a meeting

“RU Anime sorta acts as a group you can always come back to. Those people that you knew will almost always be there.” – Shane, Vice President of Communications


a 3D printed dragon

These 3D printed dragons were printed at the Ryerson Digital Experience Lab for the Ryerson Anime Club. All Ryerson students have access to free 3D printing.


The President of the Ryerson Anime club

“I think when you find a community that identifies with a lot of the same stuff that you like, it’s very easy to build that self-confidence.” – Carmina, President

Bonus: The club also provides their members with Anime North passes!

To learn more about the Ryerson Anime Club visit:

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