The Nursing student experience in memes

There were many reasons why I chose my program, but the biggest reasons were that I wanted a career where I could save lives, bring comfort to people and make a difference.

When I tell people I’m a Nursing student they have a million questions. What kind of nurse do you want to be? Will you work in a hospital? Are you afraid to do injections? The list goes on. But the most common question people ask me now is how did you survive your first year in the Nursing program?

My answer is always the same; you need to look at it one day at a time. Here is what an average day in my life as a Nursing student looks like:

Getting enough zzz’s

Everyone needs a good night sleep, especially Nursing students. I chose early morning classes for my first year, so I always made sure to set my alarm and not press the snooze button (as tempting as it was).

Learning in lectures

Usually I start my day off in the classroom. There were so many interesting classes in my first year, such as anatomy and physiology. I always started my day by making sure I had all my slides printed out and a few good pens! Oh, and don’t forget the highlighters!

Packing healthy snacks and meals

Since the day can be long, you want to make sure that you are hydrated, and eating healthy snacks and meals during your breaks. Plus, you don’t want to be the only person in lab with their stomach growling because you skipped breakfast!

Getting excited in labs

We learned so many cool things in our labs, including taking vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure! Our labs and simulations also helped us prepare for our clinical placement in long-term care. And yes, we were all super excited about getting our very first stethoscope!

Studying is your new hobby

Studying, studying and more studying! As a Nursing student there’s a lot to learn. I spent a lot of time studying before and after class to review my notes and quiz myself. There’s a lot of different study methods to choose from, but for me, cue cards and concept maps were my best friends this year!

Don’t forget about self-care

Nursing can be stressful, and often times you just need a break! I spent the last part of my day doing self-care activities such as yoga, journaling or playing soccer. Taking time in my day to perform these types of activities helped me feel energized and motivated!

Now that I have completed my first year of Nursing, I’m excited to see where my journey takes me, and I’m ready to take on my second year… one day at a time, of course.

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