The Global Co-op Experience

The Ted Rogers School of Management has 12 incredible Co-op programs – one for each major/program. I’m currently enrolled in the Global Management Co-op program and have just completed two four-month terms, and let me tell you – they have been the most exhilarating eight months of my life.


First half of my Co-op Journey

My first term was during Summer 2019 as a Communications Intern at GWL Realty Advisors, a leading North American real estate advisor focused on asset management, property management, development and customized real estate advisory services. This was followed by my second term during Fall 2019 as a Marketing Coordinator at CGI, a Canadian global information technology consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and solutions company.

Both companies were incredible in the own ways and provided me with opportunities to work collaboratively on a national and international scale. As someone highly passionate about traveling and exploring the world, being able to get the this exposure felt like I was on the right career track.


What next?

The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) promotes an international work term experience to help students gain an understanding of different parts of the world, different people, cultures, and the way businesses and processes around the world are interconnected.

With my third term commencing in three months, Global Management Co-op students especially are encouraged to apply for jobs outside of Canada to get that full ‘Global’ co-op experience. I could choose to do my 3rd co-op term wherever in the world I would like to – I could choose to work in India and live with my family! As an international student, living over seven thousand miles from my family, I was very happy to learn that!


Traveling from the Ted Rogers School of Management

If you don’t plan on being in co-op, but still want that global work and travel experience, TRSM has options for you too!


AIESEC provides young university students with the opportunity to work on volunteering and professional internships all over the world. Ryerson has its own AIESEC chapter where they specifically help Ryerson students. They match students with different skills and experiences to different employers, and charity organizations abroad in countries such as Spain, Turkey, China, Poland, Sweden and 120 other countries!

Ted Rogers International Exchange Program

This group at TRSM provides the faculty’s students with an opportunity to study and travel abroad for one semester to develop a greater understanding of the globalization of today’s marketplace. TRSM’s International Exchange Partners include universities in Australia, China, Denmark, England, France, Thailand, Singapore and more!



I have no idea where I want my third work term to be. I could go back to my first or second term co-op employers, I could find a different company right here in Toronto or I could decide to be adventurous and fly overseas for it. Only time will tell, so stay tuned for the rest of my co-op journey!

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