The Best Ice Cream Near Ryerson

So as you all know from my Introduction Blog, I love ice cream! I have made it my mission to try as many new ice cream places as possible. This is a very large task considering how many great ice cream places there are in Toronto. Although, I still have a while before I come even close to completing my list of ice cream shops, I have found quite a few gems. I will be sharing with you all my favourite ice cream stores I have tried as of yet and the transportation time to the stores from Ryerson.

1. Eva’s Original Chimneys

Transportation Method: Subway

Transportation Time: 20 minutes

Why is Eva’s Original Chimneys amazing? The ice cream is so much more than a perfect photo for your instagram feed. This ice cream shop has five different soft serve options, including two vegan options. The cones at this shop are Hungarian pastries which are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The best part about the toppings at this ice cream heaven is that the toppings are mixed throughout the soft serve and not just on top.

2. Lab Sense Ice Cream

Transportation Method: Walking

Transportation Time: 12 minutes

Lab sense serves liquid nitrogen ice cream made fresh for every order. This ice cream has amazing flavour because it is never stored in a freezer. The menu at Lab Sense is updated on the daily which means you can never get sick of this place.

 3. Sweet Jesus

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Transportation Method: Walking

Transportation Time: 7 minutes

This soft serve ice cream is probably the closest option to campus. It is located in the CF Toronto Eaton Centre. There are a wide variety of different soft serve cone concoctions including the amazing Rocky Road Rage cone.

4. Arctic Bites

Transportation Method: Walking

Transportation Time: 17 minutes

This Thai inspired rolled ice cream is 100% worth the walk. My personal favourite order is the Mint To Be ice cream which includes mint chocolate Oreo ice cream rolls. This ice cream includes a fun experience as you get to watch the process of how this delicious treat is made right in front of you after you order.

5. iHalo Krunch

Transportation Method: Streetcar

Transportation Time: 20 minutes

So yes, this is another soft serve ice cream place but this one is like no other. iHalo Krunch has the most unique flavours including Ube Haze, Black on Black, Ube Nut, Meet Your Matcha and many more. To top it all off, the ice cream is served in a charcoal cone.

I could probably talk about ice cream all day, so I should probably save the rest of the Toronto ice cream gems for another time. In the mean time, you may have noticed that one of the ice cream instagrams linked in this blog is owned by yours truly.

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