Ten Music Videos Shot Near Ryerson

Ryerson is located in the vibrant city of Toronto, home to many famous and up-and-coming musicians. Many of these musicians are very proud of where they have come from, and have shot music videos in Toronto. As well, many musicians from around the world have come to Toronto to shoot their music videos. You may or may not have noticed that some of these popular videos were shot right near our campus! Let’s take a look at some of these videos now:

1. “Secrets” by The Weekend

Back in 2017, The Weeknd took over the The Toronto Reference Library to film his music video “Secrets.” The video does a good job of showcasing the interior of the library, including curved staircases and the high contrast between the white walls and red carpeting. This library is actually open to the public and a great place to study if you feel like a change from Ryerson’s campus.

2. “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t too far from Ryerson’s campus when she shot her music video “Already Gone” at College Park. The entirety of the video takes place in the event space called The Carlu, which is located on the top floor of College Park.

3. “Knocking at The Door” by The Arkells

The Arkells go all around the city in their “Knocking At The Door” video. Some Ryerson commuters may notice the familiar views of Union Station and subway cars. The Arkells also visit Kensington Market, an area loved by many members of the Toronto community.

4. “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter

Candy waits for Aaron Carter on Bloor Street West in front of the Kingsway Theatre in his “I Want Candy” video. Another noticeable part of Toronto is Centreville Island, which is where the pedal boat scene towards the end of the video was shot.

5. “Started From The Bottom” by Drake

Drake’s video features multiple different areas of Toronto throughout the video, including the official City of Toronto field. A large portion of the video is set at a Shoppers Drug Mart where Drake is working. The shots in the Shoppers Drug Mart were actually shot in Hamilton, but we have quite a few locations of the franchise near our campus, much like the rest of Canada.

6. “Subdivisions” by Rush

In the early 80’s, Rush decided to shoot a video in Toronto. The video features the Don Valley Parkway traffic in the beginning of the video. Also, Geddy Lee walks down Yonge Street by Sam the Record Man, where the Ryerson Student Learning Centre now stands instead.

7. “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum

“Need You Now” was the single that started Lady Antebellum’s worldwide success. The video was shot in the King Edward Hotel in Toronto during Lady Antebellum’s day off from playing shows on tour.

8. “PDA” by Scott Helman

In 2017, Toronto native Scott Helman shot his music video for his song “PDA” in Toronto. Also during 2017, Scott just so happened to have performed at Ryerson Orientation. Personally, he is one of my favourite up-and-coming Toronto artists, and I really recommend checking out his music if you’re looking for something new.

9.  “The Kill (Bury Me)” by Thirty Second To Mars

You’ll recognize the hotel lobby used for this Thirty Seconds To Mars video if you watched the Kelly Clarkson video above. Both videos have scenes shot in the Toronto event space The Carlu.

 10. “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara’s inspiring music video for “Scars To Your Beautiful” was not only shot in Toronto, but also features some familiar Toronto faces including model Siobhan Atwell  and model/stylist Rejh Lorenzo Cabrera.



This list is getting pretty long, so I’m going to end it here; however, it should be noted that there are A LOT more amazing music videos shot in Toronto and near Ryerson!

Featured image by: SPIN

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