Ten Emojis That Perfectly Describe Your Ryerson Experience

University is definitely a wild ride filled with many ups and downs, but one thing is for sure; there is ALWAYS an emoji to describe every step of your ryerson journey.

1. The “Hands In Prayer” Emoji 

For those multiple choice exams you guessed 90% of the questions and still got an A.

2. The Angel Emoji

For those days when you really really reallyyyyyyyy need a project extension.

3. The Monkey Emojis

One of my personal favourites, because these guys can basically describe any university interaction.


4. The Transit Emojis

Shoutout to all the commuters, am I right?

5. The Sassy Lady Emojis

Because everyone needs a little sass in their life.

6. The Pizza Emoji

University = a lot of free food, and 90% of the time, that free food is pizza. Who doesn’t love some pizza?!

7. The Napping Emoji

For use in boring lectures, late night study cram sessions, or just on the daily when you are feeling a little snoozy.

8. The 😉 Smile Emoji

For when you need to spice things up with that cutie from your lecture.

9. The Crying Emoji

For use during all nighters, pop quizzes and final exams.

10. The Sunglasses Emoji

My all time favourite, because everyone deserves too feel super fly like this guy.

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