How I Survived 5 Midterms in 1 Week

Ah, midterm season; the season ALL students love!

This year, my midterm season is particularly interesting because how my schedule worked out, it left me having to write 5 midterms in one week, on top of the 5 projects that were do. This was a great treat, because this week also is my Birthday week! YAY!

So going into this week, I had to create a gameplan: So these are my tips and tricks on how I survived  5 midterms in 1 week.

1. Prepare


Prepare yourself for a busy week. Let friends and family know that you may be AWOL (sorry mom), and start planning out your week. Make sure your plate is pretty clear this week, so you can focus on school and yourself!

2. Schedule


Okay, I can guarantee your schedule is not going to look like this: but scheduling your time is a must to survive! I found it a lot less daunting to split up all my tasks over my days: that way once I finished that days To-Do list, I could get some R&R! Planners are SUPER helpful, and if you need one but aren’t willing to spend anything on one, the RSU gives them away for free!

3. Relax


As stressful as this week was, I had to make sure that I was keeping calm. In any hectic week you might be dealing with, it is always crucial to give yourself some time to relax and some time for your brain to have a break! The last thing you want to happen is for you to be burnt out, so make sure that you treat yo’ self.

4. Breathe


Breathe. This week might feel like it is your last, but I guarantee that you will make it through it! If you plan for it and stay calm while doing it, there is no doubt that you will conquer this week!


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