How to Survive the Last Few Weeks of Winter

Does this look like you?


Well if you are like me, at this point of winter you are dreaming of beaches, warm weather and anything other than the cold. In order to survive (and not freeze) I have compiled some of my top tips on how to survive the last few weeks of winter, you can do it!

1. Find Indoor Shortcuts!

giphy (10)

If walking outside makes you feel like this, then the less time you can spend outside the better! At Ryerson, I can get from one side of campus, aaaaalllll the way to the other side without even stepping foot outside! So try to find ways around that will keep you indoors and in the warmth for as long as possible.

2. Gain a new love for coffee and warm beverages

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I can not stress how amazing it is to sip and hold a warm drink on a cold day. So if you do not already have a staple drink from your favourite coffee shop, get one! Because on those super cold days, nothing warms you up better than a yummy drink!

3. Treat yo self

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Hey, just because you’re freezing cold, doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! Why not buy an amazing new coat to protect you from the cold? Or go do one of your favourite activities for the day! Don’t let a little cold weather get you down!

4. Plan fun things to do once the winter goes away!

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This is probably one of my favourite things to do! Just because it’s cold now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan an exciting summer and have stuff to look forward to! I have already started planning my summer bucket list and it is definitely helping you get through this last weeks of winter!

What are some of your top tips for surviving a Canadian winter??

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