How to Survive A 3-Hour Lecture

Now, if you were like me when I first came to university, I saw that three hour time block on my schedule and multiple things ran through my head: “3 hours? Do they want me to fall asleep? How am I going to go to the washroom? How can someone talk for three whole hours? The seats better be comfy”. But, I feel that I’ve finally mastered my plan for how to survive a three hour lecture.

1. Be Comfy


This tip is number one for a reason. You do not want to be uncomfortable in the slightest, because after three hours, your slight discomfort will escalate exponentially. Nothing is worse than having your legs fall asleep due to your tight jeans (trust me, it will happen) or blisters from those heels that you thought were comfortable, so try to wear something practical. Also, dressing in layers also helps just in case the lecture hall decides to basically be Antarctica one second, and Africa the next.

2. Be Prepared


Showing up to class like Woody here is the best bet, especially for three hour lectures. You want to be calm, cool and collected. Also, when I say be prepared, I mean no XL coffees before, or during class. Trust me, you. will. leave. lecture. running. On a more serious note, make sure you finish your readings and bring all your required notebooks/textbooks. Nothing is worse than sitting for three hours and listening to something you have no idea about because you didn’t do your readings. So just showing up for your three hour lectures prepared will make it less painful and more manageable.

3. Laptops May or May Not Help


This point depends on your preference. Personally, laptops help me stay focused in class and save my hands from the numerous hand cramps, but some of my peers feel that laptops are extremely distracting. Trust me, I’ve been tempted to check out that latest scoop on twitter or buzz feed, but I stay focused and stick to the note taking!

4. Stay Entertained, But Focused


Try to make your lecture as fun as possible! Look on the bright side to the material that you are learning and try to make your notes as fun and personal as possible! Also, I find it helpful to sit beside a friend, it helps the time pass! But this being said, don’t goof off with your friend next to you, stay focused, but have fun!

Overall, these tips will help your three hour lectures become manageable and they’ll be over before you know it!

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