Summer Break Expectations vs. Reality

*Rewind to Jan 2019, right after Winter break, when the only thing on my mind was Summer break*

I was ready to have the best summer ever with girls nights out, brunches, summer food fests and none of the studying, homework, early morning classes, all-nighters, or long lectures!

I was 100% trying to ignore the fact that I would have a co-op placement from 9-5 every single weekday and that my two best friends were trying to convince me to take a summer course with them as well.

The initial moment of truth

Sooo… I ended up enrolling in one of the hardest Global Management courses because it’s supposed to be easier to do it alone in the summer. BIG REGRETS.

The second week of summer, we already felt like we were drowning.

The three of us worked 9-5 – woke up at least 1-2 hours early to get ready + commuted > spent 8 hours at work > commuted to school > spent 3 hours in class (one day a week – but STILL) > went home > maybe studied – maybe fell asleep right away because we’re SO tired > repeated.

We also signed up for all the career-building opportunities that the Business Career Hub (BCH) offered over the summer which took up at least 5-6 weekends – all spent in school.

Did I want to drop everything and run off to Bali? YES

But did I?

The REAL Summer Reality

In all honesty, the summer did not go the way we expected it to go. It went better. The three of us had the BEST summer this year and it wasn’t ‘despite’ all the work and school but because of it.

From day one to day 122, we made the most out of every single day.

  • BCH taught us a LOT of valuable skills & allowed us to meet the coolest new people including the Head of Global Business Dev.  Strategy & Ops. from Twitter
  • I met one of my closest new friends at work over the summer – my boss! Even now that I’m at a different co-op placement, we talk all the time (mostly about The Bachelor!)
  • We went away to Montreal for a weekend – closest we’re going to get to Europe for the next little while *tears*
  • We celebrated Canada Day with a bang at Cabana‘s famous Red Party
  • We went to countless food fests in the Greater Toronto Area this summer (more to come on this soon ;))
  • I also made sure to block a few weekends off for myself to just stay home and binge-watch Netflix of course
  • Aced our summer course because my friends were completely right – it is much easier to take a course alone in the summer even when everyone else is living it up and you’d much rather be doing that as well

Red Party at the beautiful Cabana on Canada Day!

I have no regrets with how I spent my summer and will probably do it all over again next summer as well.

I do recommend convincing your friends to take the summer courses with you as well though; everything becomes 10x better!

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