Study Tips That You’ll Actually Use


November is here. It’s a wasteland of midterms that send you studying into wee hours of the night, to-be-completed assignments, and hours on end of procrastination. But no fear, your academics don’t actually have to be so gloomy. Whether you are between midterms or have weeks of readings to catch up on, use these five study tips to give yourself the productivity boost you need!



Get Active

Throughout my university career I’ve been told constantly that exercise contributes to productivity. I tried to ignore that helpful tidbit of information for my first year because I am not a fan of physical activity, but the truth is you are much more productive after exercising. Whether you take a walk around the neighbourhood or squat until you can’t move at the gym, being able to take that active break will make all the difference. If you’re at school, feel free to check out the RAC or the MAC!

Study Out Loud with a Classmate

Learning isn’t always best when you are reading alone from a notebook. Try studying with someone in your class, which will allow you to quiz each other and answer any questions you don’t know. I find it effective to study with another person because it makes me less likely to waste all my time on social media. BONUS: They can watch your stuff if you have to run to the bathroom, which is a lot better than asking the stranger beside you and hoping they don’t steal your laptop.

Set Candy Goals 

The candy method is a tactic proven by science to help you combat your weekly readings. Buy a pack of your favourite candies and line them on your pages, rewarding yourself with a sweet treat every time you complete a certain amount of reading. I like to give myself a sour gummy bear for every page I read of a textbook, but I’ve been known to up it to every paragraph in troubled and trying times.


The Pomodoro Technique

This is a method of studying that involves focusing in 25-minute intervals, followed by a five minute break. This technique breaks studying down into manageable sessions that won’t exhaust you. These five minute breaks are enough to let you reply to your messages and browse Facebook, but not enough to allow you to get distracted creeping every single person you went to high school with. Set a timer on your phone to ensure you won’t get carried away!



Study in the Morning

Any student will tell you that they usually put off studying until it is suddenly night and studying is the last thing on their mind. Some will inevitably give in to the allure of being cozy in bed with a bright computer screen streaming their favourite show. If you want to avoid being that kind of student, get up early and study during the day! When I say early I mean around 8:30 or 9, nothing crazy. Those first few hours after you wake up can be crucial to your day’s productivity, but remember to renew your notes at night too!


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