Studio Apartment Tour & Tips on Small Space Living

Living on campus isn’t the only option you have to experience downtown life at its fullest. I have spent both my years at Ryerson living in off-campus accommodations. In my first year, I lived with a couple of roommates in an off-campus student residence before getting my own studio apartment in my second year.

What is a studio apartment, you might ask? Commonly found in big cities, a studio apartment combines the living, sleeping and kitchen areas all into a single room. A studio apartment may be ideal for you if you want a relatively inexpensive place where you can live independently. Additionally, if you’re someone like me who works long hours or prefers to spend your evenings out, a studio apartment might be sufficient for all your living needs.

I’ve moved around more times than I count, and my time spent in both Paris and Toronto have made me an expert at living in small spaces. So I decided to make a vlog touring my 250 square-foot apartment. I also give tips throughout the tour about maximizing a small space.

Here are some timestamps of key parts in the video:

0:34 Tour begins

3:55 The bed

5:04 Kitchen area

6:25 Bathroom

7:15 What to look out for when apartment searching

One final note: make it your own space. What might be important to me in a home, might not necessarily apply to you.

Good luck to everyone considering off-campus housing!

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