The Students you See During Exam SZN at Ryerson

Ah, exams. The smell of sorrow, success and the end are in near. Exams can either be your friend or your foe. Here at Ryerson, everyone takes exams differently and these are the 6 types of students you will DEFINITELY see around Ryerson during exam season:

1. The Caffeine Junky

giphy (4)

You’ll know this student by the Red Bull can in hand and one can ready to drink in their pocket. This student gets through exams with coffee, soft drinks, tea and everything in between.

2. The Crammer

giphy (9)

You’ll see them at the SLC late into the night reading an entire textbook. Some warning signs of the crammer are lots of sticky notes, a coffee, and multiple textbooks ready to be read.

3. The 2 Kewl 4 School

giphy (8)

The Eaton Centre will be where you find this student. They are either very well-prepared for exams, or they would rather not spend their days stressing.

4. The Prepared One

giphy (7)

Similar to the 2 Kewl 4 School, this student has actually paid attention all semester so they have no need to cram or be stressed for exams. They will be found preparing for the holiday break, in between brief stints of studying.

5. The Zombie

giphy (6)

This student actually looks like they have not left the library in four weeks. The tell-tale signs of a zombie student are sweatpants, oversized hoodies and multiple bags under their eyes.

6. The Overly-Cheery Exam Writer

giphy (5)

This person makes you wonder why they are so excited to write exams. Maybe it’s the joy of the Holiday break? Maybe they have drank too much coffee? But this person will be great to boost your mood around exams!

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