A Student’s November in GIFS

When you realize you’re finally done midterm exams

Liz Lemon cheering and running out of the office

Leaving your last midterm like
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I remember when “midterms” only meant receiving a progress report from my teachers in high school. Now, it means a big test worth a significant portion of our overall grade, and a source of stress and anxiety during 85% of the month of October. As a result, you can imagine our excitement when those dreaded exams are over, and the word “study” can stop escaping our mouths for a few weeks.

When the final exam schedule gets released 

Emma Stone rolling her eyes.

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Unfortunately, the excitement over finished midterms is greeted with the realization that final exams are just around the corner. And that usually stirs up the feeling of annoyance, especially when our schedules aren’t exactly ideal.

Counting down the days ’til Christmas vacation

Donald Duck checking a December calendar.

I cannot WAIT until I finish my exams on December 11 (which is pretty early since exams end on the 18th) GIF from here.

Lucky for you, your future university (Ryerson obv) typically gives students a whole MONTH off during the holidays. Therefore, the countdown to the end of exams and glorious holiday relaxation naturally starts way in advance (I’ve already been counting down to be honest).

When due dates start creeping up on you

Raven Baxter chewing gum nervously.

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Most classes assign a lot of the essays and reports towards the end of the semester, and while three months to complete an essay seems like plenty of time in September, it starts getting super real when it’s November 1st and that same essay is due in less than a week.

When “pre-winter” is in full effect

Winter is coming GIF.

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I honestly don’t even believe in Summer and Spring and Fall and stuff. These days, especially as a commuter, it feels like Canada only has three true seasons: pre-Winter, Winter, and post-Winter. And entering the month of November means entering the peak of pre-Winter. The days become way too short, temperatures continue to fall, and the sun wants nothing to do with us. It’s a sad time for the weather indeed.

Realizing how quickly the year is going by

Dave Chappelle GIF.

GIF from here.

It can be so crazy to think about how far you’ve already come in university when November rolls around. Regardless of how many years or months you’ve been in uni, I feel like we should all be so grateful for having the emotional, physical, and mental capacity to make it to November.


How do you feel about November?

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