Student Life Spotlight: TEDxRyersonU

“Student Life Spotlight” is a new series that highlights student groups in the faculty of communication and design. Through interviews with students from the student group and working with them day-to-day, Student Life Highlight aims to show you the great things that Ryerson has to offer.

Everyone nowadays has watched at least one TED talk. Whether you are a TED addict and watch them all the time, or just have seen that one your friend made you watch (I am that friend). Well TED has a separate branch of community run and organized talks called TEDx and it aims at continuing to spread ideas around the world by targeting communities.


Here at Ryerson we have our own division of TEDx known as TEDxRyersonU and they are one of the campuses largest and most diverse student groups. Existing for about 8 years now TEDxRyersonU invites professors, alumni, staff, and even students to share ideas they are passionate about through a series of salon events and their large annual conference.


Through its existence TEDxRyersonU has had some amazing talks, and has brought its conference to some of the cities best venues, such as the ROM, Design Exchange, Reference Library and more! They have also had talks from people from all over the Ryerson community, you will everything from the president of the university, to an alumni or guest professor, as long as you have an idea TEDxRyersonU provides an amazing platform.12339310_1084644314909828_4145360380348535348_o

As a student I can’t recommend enough the value this conference and events has, the 2014 conference was my first introduction to student groups at this school (embarrassing photo below) and it was a transformative experience. It is a full day where you will hear talks that range from sustainable fashion (see video below) to how social media hurts our mental health! The other great part about this group is that you meet so many great people and you all bring a different idea! 12265864_1084670521573874_7450139543501327553_o

Whether you are a student looking for inspiration, or you even have an idea you want to spread this group is a great place for you to grow! Take a look at last years amazing student speaker (and my good friend who I’m way too proud of) Tamara Jones! Just another example of the amazing ideas our students have here, and how they can grow through groups like this!

If you want to find out more about TEDxRyersonU, how you could get involved, or even see some more past talks, head over to their website or their Facebook.

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