Student Life Highlight: StyleCircle

“Student Life Highlight” is a new series that highlights student groups in the faculty of communication and design. Through interviews with students from the student group and working with them day-to-day, Student Life Highlight aims to show you the great things that Ryerson has to offer.

StyleCircle is one of my all time favourite groups here at Ryerson. Mixing their love for fashion, their eye for curation and their talent for writing, the people of StyleCircle work to bring the students at Ryerson a well rounded fashion publication. StyleCircle is run by two incredibly talented women in fourth year fashion. Here’s what they have to say about their baby, StyleCircle.

What is StyleCircle and how did you come about the idea of creating it?

StyleCircle is an online and print fashion publication targeted towards Ryerson students. Our blog began around 2012, serving as a how-to guide for fashion students and an opportunity to showcase student work. Today, it has evolved into a multi-pronged platform. Our site focuses on student fashion, Canadian designers, student life and beauty, while our print publication offers a more critical perspective on the fashion industry, honing in on social, political and environmental issues. Our blog serves as a community-building fashion collective, connecting current students, alumni, and fashion entrepreneurs. Our magazine offers a glimpse into a side of the industry most might not see. The Book by StyleCircle was born out of a feeling that the fashion industry is not treated seriously enough.

Can you describe the type of work your publication strives to display?

Our blog is a more light-hearted take on fashion. Here you’ll find DIY articles, shopping guides that compliment a student budget and interviews with students and alumni. Our magazine features all types of content, from editorials, to essays, to fashion illustrations. In both cases, we hope to showcase quality student work that offers an innovative perspective.

If you could pick one reason why you love working with StyleCircle, what would it be and why?

What I enjoy most about StyleCircle is the team. What unites us all is a common interest in fashion. StyleCircle has pulled people together from many different backgrounds and perspectives, allowing from some awesome collaboration. I have met so many interesting and inspiring people throughout my time with StyleCircle who have without a doubt left a mark on my time at Ryerson.

How do you feel StyleCircle has impacted the community around you and what you have learned because of it?

One of the primary goals of StyleCircle was to create an outlet for the talented students in FCAD (Faculty of Communication and Design). I hope that StyleCircle has shifted the discourse surrounding what exactly fashion students do. There are more than just talented designers that study fashion, just as there are many people interested in fashion that do not study it. I’ve come to understand that writing, illustrating, photography, styling, editing and publishing are all fields in which our team excels. I’ve truly learned that fashion is limitless when you combine talent, passion and creativity.

How do you hope StyleCircle evolves in the next few years?

As I leave the team this year, I hope to see our magazine grow. I’d love for StyleCircle to be a name as ubiquitous as many of the other fantastic publications our school produces. More than anything, however, I hope that StyleCircle remains a group that unites students interested in fashion through collaboration and friendship. I know the group will be in good hands over the next few years.

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