Student Life Highlight: Ryerson Communication and Design Society

“Student Life Highlight” is a new series that highlights student groups in the faculty of communication and design. Through interviews with students from the student group and working with them day-to-day, Student Life Highlight aims to show you the great things that Ryerson has to offer.

The Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS) is a student group that represents and works for all undergraduate students under the Faculty Of Communication and Design (FCAD). The RCDS works to provide professional, collaborative and academic support to all the students within it through the funding of projects, hosting of events and assisting student groups. I’m super lucky to be the president of the wonderful society, and have asked some of my lovely cohorts on the RCDS to share their experiences with us.

What is the RCDS and how did you get involved?

RCDS is the society for FCAD students. We provide support for academic, professional, and collaborative endeavours our students might be interested in. I was part of a student group under the RCDS umbrella for two years and I saw the potential of what I could do to help, so I ran in the election to represent my program as a Director on the RCDS board. Getting involved at Ryerson is EASY – there’s so much to do, just find something you like and go for it! – Emily, Creative Industries

What is FCAD and how would you describe the students within it?

The Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) is comprised of 15 top-of-the-field programs from 9 industry leading schools in the creative sector. The students in FCAD are students who put passion, and creativity into everything they do and look to see the world in unique ways. – Will, Professional Communication

How has getting involved with the RCDS shaped your university experience?

It has allowed me to grow and prosper as an individual whilst also providing a platform to implement the skills learned in class, in a real life scenarios! – Antek, Graphic Communications Management

What has been the most impactful experience you’ve had this far during your time at Ryerson?

The most impactful experience I’ve had at Ryerson involved taking what I learned in the classroom and applying it in the real word. Some of my most proudest works and achievements have been from what I was able to achieve with the knowledge I’ve gained. Whether that be a video I created, an internship I took on, or a person I got to interview. Ryerson taught me the skill sets, but I put them into action and have never regretted it. – Mikael, RTA School of Media, Media Production

Can you talk about your favourite moment with the RCDS?

At the end of my first year, I was looking for an opportunity to get more involved. I jumped into an election without really understanding what the RCDS was and what my role was going to be. All I knew, was that I loved ProCom and would love being a representative for my peers at a faculty level.

Winning this election led me to apply to go to the Make, Shape , Change conference – the first FCAD wide conference. It was amazing! I remember meeting this new group of students who were equally as passionate about student involvement, making FCAD a more positive space for every student and breaking the heiarchy of programs within the creative fields of our faculty, as I was. At that moment, I felt accepted and welcome in a community I had only just started being part of. Hands down, my favourite moment of being part of RCDS and a proud moment as an FCAD student. – Braelyn, Professional Communication

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