Student Life Highlight: Creative Industries Course Union

“Student Life Highlight” is a new series that highlights student groups in the faculty of communication and design. Through interviews with students from the student group and working with them day-to-day, Student Life Highlight aims to show you the great things that Ryerson has to offer.

The Creative Industries Course Union (CICU) is one of the many course unions on campus. Course unions are created for every program and work towards creating a community for your program. Each course union is quite different but they all operate for the same reason: to make your life as a student easier! Take a look at what the CICU has to say about being here at Ryerson.

What is a course union and why did you get involved with it?

A course union is, in simple terms, a version of your high school student union, but for a specific program. We are an elected group of students who love our program and want to help our students have the best experience possible! We plan events, organize study nights, and act as a link between students, faculty, and industry professionals! I got involved because I wanted to meet new people and stay busy, and to feel more connected to my program, its students, and the school as a whole. -Fiona, President

How has being on a course union shaped your university experience?

Being on a course union opened many doors to meeting different student leaders who are passionate about what they’re doing, as well as many industry professionals. Having these types of friends in university not only kept me motivated to study, but also kept me engaged and striving to achieve more. I became more confident and open to new interactions and situations! -Sofiya, VP Events

Can you name one memorable moment you’ve had while on the course union?

Going to the university fair as a course union representative was really cool! Being able to share what I’ve learned and experienced with students who were in the exact same boat as I was a few years ago was an introspective moment for me. Being there with other course union members was a reminder of why we do what we do, to help and encourage other students. It was a great moment getting new students excited! -Emma, VP Admin & Ops

What a success! #CRIshowcase

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In what capacity can students get involved with on the course union?

There are 16 elected positions on our union, with opportunities available for students in every year and elections in March of every year. There really is something for everyone. We also have events/media teams that are open to anyone that wants to help out to join! Even just coming out to events is a great way to get involved. Find us on Facebook to stay up to date on events and opportunities! :–) -Fiona

Have you gained any valuable skills over your time in the course union that you potentially wouldn’t have developed without engagement outside the classroom?

Learning how to really work well and be creative within a team has been very valuable. We do group projects in class, but it’s a whole different thing to do something real that your whole teams cares about. Through my role as VP Marketing, I’ve also learned hard skills like using Adobe Illustrator! -Michael, VP Marketing

Can you give one tidbit of advice for someone looking to get involved during their time here at Ryerson?

ASK QUESTIONS! There are so many opportunities on campus to get involved, and there seriously is something for everyone and every level of commitment. If you see someone doing something cool, ask them how you can try it too! People love talking about the cool things they’re involved in. -Fiona

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