Student House Hunting 101

House Hunting. These two words were the reason why I did not sleep for approximately 2.2 weeks and acted like this panda gif. House or apartment hunting can be very very daunting, and this was the first year I have had to do it, but it taught me so many important lessons and I’m going to share my tips on how to succeed at your student house hunting journey.

1. Have a solid budget and preferences!


This is probably one of the first things you need to figure out. How much can you spend? What do you want? These are all details that you need to solidify before you start your hunt!

2. Know your rights!

giphy (1)

Make sure that you read up on your rights as a tenant! This can save a lot of time, energy and headaches! You want to ensure that your new place is perfect and that you are being treated fairly during the hunting and renting process!

3. Be open to new ideas

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So you want a luxurious, penthouse condo, 2 minutes from class? Well sometimes you need to be flexible to get what you want, so be open! A friend once told me this analogy: Location, Price, Luxury – Pick 2. So, sometimes, you may have to sacrifice one of your ideals to get what you want!

5. Online websites or real estate agents!


Web browsing can be really helpful and show you amazing places, but if you feel like you’ve read the entire internet and are not getting anywhere, reach out to an agent! Real estate agents can help you find the place of your dreams and make the process smooth and simple!

6. Have fun and be excited!


Moving to a new place is exciting! Think about how you can make your new place exactly how you want it! It may be frustrating now, but there is definitely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 🙂

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