Stripped Down Uni Advice

I feel like I’ve given a lot of tips on getting through university in different blog posts, so I’ve decided to comprise a list of some of the main pieces of advice I think are crucial for you to scroll through. Feel free to print this out or save it, because I guarantee you will need to remember a good chunk of the items on this list come July, August and September!

Go to Orientation week – meet new people and have some fun before you even start your first class

Go to class – you’re paying for it

Speak to your professors – don’t be afraid to discuss grades or try to better understand expectations

Get involved – a club, student group, or sports team that you really enjoy will enhance your experience

Take time for yourself – it’s not a crime to spend a day looking after your physical and mental health

Work ahead – don’t let far-off deadlines sneak up on you

Explore the city – Toronto has so much to offer; take some time to get to know it

Become familiar with the TTC – the public transit system in Toronto is pretty confusing at first if you ask me, so make sure you know about the main routes you would need to take, payment methods, transfer policies, student passes etc.

Do your course intentions – choosing your courses in advance allows you to sleep in while other students wake up at 6 am to try to get in to their desired courses

Introduce yourself and speak to everyone – you can’t make new friends without talking to new people

Take advantage of resources – writing support, career support, mental health support, mentor support, we’ve got it all

Look into Work-Study jobs – there are so many jobs at Ryerson for students, which allow you to develop skills and get paid in an environment where supervisors truly understand your academic commitments

Invest in a good coat – especially if you’re commuting, a good coat is essential

Don’t feel like you can’t feel sad or upset – temporary negative feelings about school and even life in general is normal, but seek help if these negative feelings are prolonged and/or getting worse

Attend free events – I haven’t been to one event advertised on campus that hasn’t taught me something, and if it’s free, you have nothing to lose

Spend an evening on the Beach floor of the Student Learning Centre – the atmosphere is so chill and relaxing, not to mention the city view while completing schoolwork

Keep a list of all your professional and volunteer experiences – that way, you won’t forget any relevant experiences, making it easier to develop your resume and cover letter

Create an online portfolio – if you have visual or written work, put it in one place, so you can easily share the URL or post it on your networks

Start looking for summer jobs and internships early – December or January are good times to look for positions, and give you time to prepare

Apply for OSAP early – send the required information ASAP to avoid delays in receiving enough funding to pay for tuition (you don’t have to wait until the end of August to apply)

Enjoy and make the most of university – have as much fun as possible, work hard, and use this time to grow and flourish as a student and an individual

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