What “Spring” at Ryerson Means to Me

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! I’m so excited that we’ve finally (hopefully) been able to shake away the winter season, and can enjoy the springtime! At Ryerson – and university in general – spring has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, and as I experience it for the second time as a uni student, this is what spring means to me:

Commuting isn’t as much of a hassle

Having to take the bus or train in the spring thankfully isn't that bad! Gif from here.

Having to take the bus or train in the spring thankfully isn’t that bad! Gif from here.

The return of spring means that aside from traffic or mechanical issues, my transit ride to school and back is less likely to be delayed.  And even if it is, I’m much happier waiting for a late bus or train in 5 to 10 degree weather, than, say NEGATIVE THIRTY DEGREES!!!! But that’s just me.

I can go back to using Gould Street as a runway

Trying to show off all my spring outfits before it's too late looks like this haha. Gif from here.

Trying to show off all my spring outfits before it’s too late looks like this haha. Gif from here.

During the winter time, my style isn’t always on point.  After all, warmth and comfort always comes first in my books.  So, when we reach those warmer temperatures, it’s nice to be able to experiment with my wardrobe again (and perhaps buy a few new pieces), put some cute outfits together, and show them off without a huge winter coat killing the style vibez.

More excitement downtown


I love this time lapse of Toronto! Gif from here.

Spring thankfully means that companies return to the downtown core to give us free samples. And, when it gets even warmer and closer to summer, there’s also more music, street performances, and parades, as everyone celebrates the end of winter for another nine or so months.

Year-end shows

A photo I snapped of the Mass Ex stage last year. Can’t wait for this year’s show!

At the end of the semester, many schools at Ryerson host year-end shows that attract students, faculty members, and industry professionals.  The students who participate in events like Mass Exodus or Meta Thirdspace have the chance to exhibit their work on a grand scale, and students like me have the chance to attend the events and marvel at their talent.

Exam time


I think everyone can agree with Mr. Bean’s disbelief while looking at his test questions! Gif from here.

Unfortunately, spring also means projects and exams.  I wish I could tell you that it’s not a big deal, but the end of the semester is usually super stressful, and requires a lot of prioritizing and time management to get things done, and get them done well.

The end of the school year 

giphy (22)

Hey Arnold and his friends cheering. When spring rolls around, I can’t help but be excited for the semester to end, so I can enjoy the summa’!! Gif from here.

As much as I love Ryerson, I can’t help but feel relieved when I complete each semester.  It’s always nice to take a break, not have to worry about keeping up with readings or assignments, and just relax for a month or two….or four.


Why does spring mean to you?

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