Spotlight on Three Creative Student Projects

If you’ve applied to Ryerson, chances are you did your research on what the school is about, and what the environment is like here on campus.  In addition, you’ve probably clued in to the fact that our university is filled with creative individuals and groups, who start projects that may have you wondering why you never thought about it yourself (I think this all the time). Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more interesting things that students at Rye have been starting and working on, and I’ve decided to spotlight three of them!


RU Street Style

Their Feature on RUtv News: Blog: Instagram: @rustreetstyle

Their Feature on RUtv News:
Instagram: @rustreetstyle

I came across this Ryerson blog last weekend, and since then, I’ve subscribed, liked their Facebook page, and followed them on Instagram.  As an admirer (and participator on some days), of Ryerson students’ impeccable, on-trend style, RU Street Style is a great way to keep up with what everyone’s wearing, gain fashion inspiration, and see how these students describe their style, and the reasons why they dress the way they do.


Extreme Makeovers: Dorm Edition 

I kept seeing clips for this Ryerson series on the TVs while on my way to class, and told myself I would check it out.  I finally did, and I think it’s so cool that RU Student Life has partnered with Launderlust to create such a simple yet fun contest, that gives someone the chance to get a dorm makeover. Living on campus is not cheap, and this $1,000 makeover by a talented Interior Design student is undoubtedly a real treat for the winners.  I can’t wait to see the next episode (check out the promo video above)!!

Ryerson Folio 



Ryerson Folio has been around for a few years, and the sophistication of its appearance and relevance of its posts really reflect this.  As a general interest magazine, Folio features stories, essays, photos, and tips that relate to members of the Ryerson community, produced BY members of the Ryerson community.  They also welcome pitches and photos from Ryerson students, staff and alumni.  Aside from how nice the blog is (seriously, check it out), it’s a really great place to go for literally any topic under the sun.

Ryerson is just filled with amazing people who do amazing things, and I hope to write more features and spotlights on different initiatives, covering different industries and fields in the future.  And perhaps this will inspire you to come up with some creative projects next year yourself (if your creative juices aren’t already flowing)!

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