Spotify Playlists For Your Typical Week at Ryerson

I am constantly seen on campus with earphones on, all throughout my week, because I love listening to Spotify playlists. I’ve found some really good playlists for common occurrences during a typical student’s week at Ryerson, so I thought I would share them with you all!


Playlists for when you’re…

Commuting/ or walking to school in the morning

Commutes can be a pain, but they’re a lot better when you have a killer playlist that make you feel like you’re in a movie. Take your first steps on campus feeling like a movie star as you walk along to Arctic Monkeys, KONGOS, and my personal favourite band: Catfish and the Bottlemen.


Studying at the 5th floor of the Student Learning Centre 

If you can’t get enough of music from the 2000’s, this playlist will be your new best friend! I find throwbacks to be really motivating when I’m studying something more intensive like statistics or finance. The playlist includes all of your favourites including The Kooks, Fall Out Boy, Foster The People, and the Killers.


Working out at the Recreation and Athletic Centre (RAC) or Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) 

Ryerson students are super lucky to have access to two different gyms right on campus, and this of course means a playlist is needed. I personally love a good playlist for cardio and I’m a sucker for indie music, so of course Indie Kicks is my playlist of choice. At both the RAC and the MAC you can get your daily cardio in on the treadmills, but the RAC also has a fantastic underground track that you can run on when you’re not really feeling the weather outside.


Studying (again) at home – Brain Food

I can often get pretty demotivated and distracted when I’m studying at home, but this playlist somehow manages to keep me on track. These songs are great background music whether you’re doing a reading, looking at some flashcards or working on an essay, as the majority of the songs either have no lyrics or barely any.


Chilling with friends on the sixth floor of the Student Learning Centre  

The Student Learning Centre isn’t actually just for learning, it’s actually a place where a lot of students connect with their friends, and the most popular place for this is the sixth floor! This floor is actually called “The Beach” as it has an open space layout, large windows creating a lot of sunlight, and comfortable casual seating including beanbags and reclined chairs. Of course, you can now see why I chose the super fun and bright Beach Vibes playlist.


Meal prepping and then eating 

Although there are so many great options near Ryerson, I often try to cook when I can to save a bit of money and to be healthier. Luckily, Ryerson is also located near many great grocery stores. Metro is right on Ryerson’s campus near the The George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre and offers 10% off for students three days a week; Loblaws is connected to the MAC; The Market by Longo’s is near the Ted Rogers School of Management; and these are just a few of the options! Whenever I’m making food, I like a playlist that really motivates me, and Swagger embodies the motivational vibes I love while cooking.


Walking between buildings

Sometimes it’s good to have an extra playlist in your back pocket for random walks between classes, your job or even your final commute at the end of the day. I recently discovered this playlist, and I just can’t get enough of it. Some artists I really love on this playlist are Battle Tapes, Dennis Lloyd and YUNGBLUD.

I hope after checking out some of these playlists, you happen to find some new favourite songs – and maybe even a new favourite Spotify playlist!

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