So Long, Farewell

WhyRyerson: you have been one of my many Ryerson homes (yes, a home) for the past three years. Through you I shared my joys and struggles of my university experience, but now going into fourth year I must *dramatic gasp* move on.


I have LOVED blogging for WhyRyerson, and sharing my love for Ryerson with all of you future Rams! Over my three years, I have done A LOT (probably too much) at Ryerson, but I have loved every second of it! If I were to give one piece of advice to any incoming student it would be just that: keep yourself busy with the things you love and you won’t even feel busy.

Through my three years there have been:

Happy times:

giphy (4)

Stressful times:

giphy (3)

and times filled with pure excitement:

giphy (1)
But, it is all worth it in the end. Next year I’m going into my final year, and it honestly has felt like yesterday was the day I moved into residence. It’s been so cool being able to share my Ryerson journey with all of you, but now I have to prepare for the (dun, dun, dunnn) real world.

giphy (2)

So WhyRyerson, I bid you farewell, and I would like to thank all you future Rams for reading. Stay tuned to hear from all of our ambassadors in the future! Stay Golden. Bye!

giphy (5)


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