Six Ryerson Musicians to Add to Your Playlists

After two surprise performances, a shadow in the shape of a certain Toronto-born rapper has been cast over Ryerson’s music scene. But that’s not to say we lack our own campus-grown talent. Ryerson has a booming music community that fills every niche and genre one could think of. From DJs to classical to metal, here are six of Ryerson’s musical talents that are perfect to listen to on your morning commute!


Johnny Bahri

Hailing from a family of musicians, Johnny Bahri began to play piano at age eight and accordion when he was 17. Now he is an oriental classical jazz musician, studying at Ryerson as an international student from Lebanon with dreams to open a music school while balancing a career as an engineer. He fuses together occidental and oriental styles that result in a unique haunting sound you’re unlikely to forget. He has an impressive array of performances under his belt, ranging from weddings to a show at the Bahrain World Trade Centre.


Superior Method

Superior Method depicts his art as “great music that not only moves you, but moves minds”. He is a passionate Soul/Hip-Hop and Funk artist with a unique depth to his craft. His inspirations, which range from soca to electronic to experimental, result in his powerful and energetic cadence. In 2015, he was interviewed and premiered his single “Love Hip Hop” on Vancouver Z103.5. Superior Method is methodical with each of his records, always valuing quality over quantity as he furthers his career with goals of creating a catalogue of timeless originals.


Princess Zoe

Princess Zoe goes above your perception of a typical singer-songwriter. Never one to succumb to mediocrity, in her recent cover of “Too Good” by Drake she created a beat using toilet paper and an empty Pringles bottle. On her YouTube channel, she posts covers and mashups of pop songs in addition to some of her own creations. Princess Zoe uses music to make sense of the emotions and events in her life, as her writing draws on what she is currently experiencing and feeling. Ed Sheeran was her inspiration to grab a guitar and start writing her own music, and she’s only gone up from there.



ALit is your resident DJ at Ryerson. Committed to making music that makes people want to get up and dance, he began producing and DJing when he was 16. He has performed at Ryerson O-Week events, local venues like the Hoxton, and recently La Bamba, a popular discotheque in Cuba. ALit is currently working on an album that will be finished by the end of the year, but until then you can catch him on his Soundcloud


Tiffany Williams 

Tiffany Williams is no cookie-cutter musician, as her style mixes between electronic indie pop and chill EDM. Guitar and piano are her instruments of choice, but she sings and produces music on her computer as well. She is a classically trained musician who has been writing music since she was 15 with an aim to connect with and inspire others through music. You can find Tiffany at Musicians@Ryerson’s open mic nights when she’s not performing at community events in Markham. Expect her to be a big presence in the Ryerson music scene this year, and keep up to date with her Youtube channel.   



Alex is new on Ryerson’s music scene, recently celebrating his ninth month in Canada. A Syrian-born guitarist, Alex’s style is progressive metal which he creates with his custom electric guitar. He is influenced by John Petrucci, who he claims is the greatest guitarist of all time, and has begun to perform live at Musicians@Ryerson’s open mics. He has recently shared a cover of Octavarium by Dream Theatre that you can check out on his Facebook page.

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