Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide: Pt. 2 – Time Management

Time Management. It’s really an art form. This year I became the master of managing my time. It’s something you really need to get the hang of, especially when you start having many commitments above your classes and usual work load. Below I’ve listed 5 tips and tricks to help you better manage your time while you’re here at Ryerson. Hopefully it helps!


1. Utilize your Google Calendar.
As students at Ryerson, you will have full access to the Google Apps suite. Google Calendar is one of the many. This will be your absolute best friend, should you choose to set it up.  Your class schedule is automatically imported into your calendar, meaning all that’s left is for you to add any other commitments as they come up. Your colleagues at Ryerson will be able to view your calendar (depending on your privacy settings) which allows them to set up meetings and see when you’re free. This year my Google Calendar has been my life saver, so definitely check it out!gif2

2. Create lists of your daily tasks.
Although a well-organized calendar is great, unless you go through and list out what it is you need to do each day, you will still find things falling through the cracks. Whenever I list out my tasks, I rate them based on timing and priority. So, if I had an assignment due at 12pm, that might be first. Cleaning my kitchen might be a little lower on the list.


3. Manage your procrastination.
Why make a list and a calendar if you’re not really going to follow it? The idea behind the previous two steps is to allow you to prioritize your tasks which leads to a productive day. Getting your tasks done early will allow for more tasks to be completed in the day. The quicker you get everything done, the sooner you get to kick back and flick on the Netflix.

what-not-to-say-to-single-girls-104. Say no.
One of the hardest things you’ll have to learn while mastering the art of time management is the ability to say NO. Sometimes your calendar will get full. I mean like “I have 12 back to back meetings at Balzac’s” full. There’s just no way you can fit in that one extra coffee date into your busy day. Saying “yes” will cause a scheduling nightmare, but saying “no” will allow you to get what you need to do done. Just remember, you can always find time later to reschedule.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-2410-1369939749-195. Leave time for sleep!
Sometimes your day will be insane, so much so that you will feel as if you’re day will have to continue to the next. There is no worse feeling than how you feel after pulling your first all nighter, believe me, I’ve been there. If it ever comes down to it, schedule in time for eating, drinking, and sleeping. We are all human. We need sleep. 7-8 hours of it to be exact! So go on, be busy, be productive, but please just don’t forget to sleep!

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