Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide: Pt. 1 – Student Involvement 

Alright. In my first blog I promised I’d let all of you know what I do around Ryerson and how I got involved with them. So here it is! Welcome to part 1 of my new series that I like to call “Shay’s Declassified Rye Survival Guide”.

( If you’ve yet to read my first intro entry, then I’d recommend you do so by clicking here. Otherwise you haven’t really met me yet and that’s just rude )

So, Student Involvement. Those are some pretty scary words to hear as a first year that’s just settling into the downtown Toronto urban campus that is Ryerson. Imagine you’ve been here for one week. You’re just getting used to the idea of large classes, big exams, a huge campus and meeting your 32,000 classmates. O-Week is just winding down and when you think back on all the “conversations” you’ve had with your upper-year peers, all you can seem to remember is them repeating the same phrase over and over again. “Get involved!” “Meet new people” “Expand your network” oh, and “Set up your LinkedIn!!”. Ugh. Sounds exhausting.









That was me after my first few weeks here at Ryerson. And I continued to stay like that for the first few months I was here. Getting involved was something I took to heart, but something I knew I couldn’t bother to focus on during the beginning of my time here.

It was when I started being exposed to other student leaders that I realized I needed to get on my involvement game. Within Residence, I became a tour guide. That was my first step to meeting other people and expanding my network. And honestly I was just a great tour guide. “Right this way everyone!”


Halfway through my second year, election season started up for all the student groups, societies and unions across campus. I joined a slate of people who were all running for various positions within the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) It was a long 2 months of campaigning  hard across campus, but it all paid off when we were all elected into our positions for this school year! I’m now a Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) Director, which means I’m one of 4 representatives that bring the voice of students within FCAD to the rest of the Board of Directors. I’ve met so many amazing people and am so honoured to be in my position!


Following the momentum, I also ran to be an RTA School Director with the Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS). I was elected into that position too. My roll with the RCDS is similar to that of the RSU, but more small scale and personal. Through getting involved with both of these organization, my overall experience as a student at Ryerson has grown exponentially!


Now, what does any of this mean to you? Well. Although I’d love to just talk about myself this whole post, that’s not the point! What I want to show you is the journey from a student who was once apathetic towards getting involved, to someone who is now more involved then he’s ever been in his life. Getting involved doesn’t have to be exactly what I did. It can be joining a club, attending events, going to rams games, joining committees.. the list goes on.

Don’t let student involvement be a scary thing. Embrace it. It will make your experience on campus that much better!

Until next time!

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