Second Year – How to Prep, and What to Expect

If you are reading this, CONGRATS YOU HAVE SURVIVED FIRST  YEAR WOOHOO. But just so you know, second year was a BIG change from first year. You have new classes, a new environment and new opportunities. All of those “new” things can have you feeling like this:
giphy (21)

But here are my tips and tricks on how I survived second year.

Take up all the opportunities you are given!

giphy (22)
This seems pretty self-explanatory but I cannot stress the importance of being a yes-man. The opportunities I was given in 2nd year have helped me flourish and grow so much! Take up everything and anything that interests you!

Stay on top of your studies

giphy (23)
With 2nd year, also comes more friends and more opportunities for fun. But always remember, that you are here for school (even though everything else is super cool and super important too!)

Network network network


The most important thing that I did in my second year is build a solid network of connections all across school! Try to break out of your faculty and meet others.

Start future planning


I know it’s scary to think about this, but after 2nd year, you only have TWO YEARS LEFT. So start taking the time to think of what you want to do after school? Travel? Masters? The opportunities are endless.

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