School vs. Social Life: A Guide to Survival


This triangle above shows what many students believe to be the only option while in school, but I decided I was going to change the trend and be able to get good grades, be social AND get sleep. Many of you probably think I’m crazy but here are some tips and tricks of mine to stay sane, while still having fun.

1. Don’t do this:


Or this:


Orrrr this:


In general, I mean don’t take things to the extremes; balance is key! I try to give equal priority to all of my events so that everything can get accomplished, without getting anxious.

2. Make time for yourself!


This is something that I have recently learned. If you don’t make time for yourself, not only will you be stressed at school, but when you try to go out and have fun, you will be worried as well! Take a small chunk of time on one of your less busy days to turn off all electronics and distractions and do something to benefit yourself!

3. Remember; keep your goals in mind and remember why you’re here!


With everything going on around you, sometimes your goals and outlooks will get blurred but try to remind yourself why you are in school and keep setting goals for yourself! This will help you stay focused and realize what is important to you!

4. Overall: Have fun!



University is a once and a lifetime event, don’t forget to have fun during these 4 years! No, I am not telling you to go out and blow your exam tomorrow, but just remember to have fun with whatever you do! For example, check out some of my fun study tips in a previous blog to make studying fun, or have a fun night in with a movie to catch up on sleep! But whatever you do, make sure you’re having a blast doing it! 🙂

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