Ryerson’s Re-Engineering Fashion Competition & Workshops

Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing my experience with Ryerson’s Re-Engineering Fashion Competition and the three workshops that built up to the competition. The goal of the Re-Engineering Fashion initiative was to engage business, fashion, and engineering students with the singular goal of creating new, innovative, and useful wearable technology. Moreover, the winning team received a $1000 cheque in addition to getting space and resources to work on their product in the Fashion Zone Research Lab, a sub-division of Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone. The two runner-up teams received cool pieces of wearable technology for each of their members. Who doesn’t love sweet prizes?

The workshops took place in a variety of places, from the new Student Learning Center (which is awesome, by the way) to the halls of the Architectural Building. The first workshop served as an introduction to the world of wearable technology, while the second workshop focused on creating thought maps and developing the wearable technology concepts that the teams wanted to pursue.

The last workshop, which I thought was the coolest, was all about different smart-materials that can be incorporated into wearable technology. I’ve posted a video below that showcases two of these materials. The first material is a type of cement that has embedded fibre-optics; it can let in a significant amount of light while offering a similar amount of load-bearing ability found in regular cement. The second material is known as technogel and it is a smart polymer that can be produced with variable yield moduli – it can be made to be very stretchy or very firm.

The thing that I loved the most about the Re-Engineering Fashion venture was the fact that students of different faculties got to collaborate together – it was fantastic working with individuals who possessed completely different skillsets and unique mindsets. Everybody brought something fresh to the table.

I had a great time at the workshops and competition! My team, known as Klaptic, didn’t win any prizes but we came up with an innovative solution to a real-world problem. The cover picture in this title is actually a pair of reading glasses showcasing one of the wearable technology modules that Klaptic utilizes. I’ll be talking more about Klaptic in a follow-up blog post – trust me, we’re doing some really phenomenal stuff!

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