Ryerson Zone Learning

Have you heard?! There’s something extremely cool happening at Ryerson. It’s called Zone Learning, a new and innovative way of facilitating entrepreneurship and change among students! Ryerson currently has 10 Zones that allow students to have a space to research, work in teams, and extend their learning beyond the classroom in order to make real world impact. You may have heard of the DMZ (Digital Media Zone) that can be seen from Yonge and Dundas Square above the Cineplex, but there’s also a bunch of new Zones I’ve recently learned about with really interesting focuses and goals of helping students achieve great things!

The 10 zones at Ryerson include…

Digital Media Zone: for businesses in the field of digital media.

Fashion Zone: for students with ideas for the fashion business.

Transmedia Zone: an exploration of future mediums of storytelling innovation!

Launch Zone: a general space for ideas in any business.

Social Ventures Zone: for students who want to use their ideas for social change.

Legal Innovation Zone: a place to work towards improvement of the legal system in Canada.

Design Fabrication Zone: where students skilled in 3D spatial design can move their businesses forward.

Biomedical Zone: for healthcare innovation in the biomedical field, located at St. Michaels hospital!

iBoost Zone: an incubator for technology-focused business ventures

Centre for Urban Energy: supports ideas in solving problems in urban energy and sustainability.

Each Zone offers unique resources and guidance for students particular area of interest. But, what I really like about each Zone is that it promotes the Ryerson spirit of entrepreneurship in a different way. Like myself, you may not be very business-minded, but I believe there’s something really important in being able to make things happen for yourself and apply your learning to the real world, no matter what your area of interest is. I love that Ryerson understands the need to not only focus on education but also preparing for your future career, and I’m excited to find out what our students accomplish at these Zones! If Zone learning interests you, check out the website which provides more information about the opportunities available at each Zone!


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