Puppy Invasion! The Ryerson Therapy Dogs


Lots of fluffy, cuddly, super soft puppies.

When I was asked if I wanted to go visit the Ryerson therapy dogs this week you better bet I said yes. I’m a HUGE dog lover, so I wasn’t going to say no for the chance to experience pure happiness.

Let me break down the event for you.

I walk through the door and experience the following range of emotions:




OK THAT IS ENOUGH! Once I got the emotional breakdown under control I realized how awesome it is that these dogs were here to help our students and staff relax and de-stress. School and work can both get very hectic – with the mid-year break fast approaching there are exams coming up and several deadlines that need to be met. We could all use a little extra push and some positive encouragement. Sure you can call your mom or dad for some love and support, but sometimes a silent buddy who’s just waiting to be pet can have the same calming effect (I love you mom and dad! I swear!).

As I made my way around the lower gym I had a chance to sit down with each dog and their owner to find out a little more about them. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the therapy dogs I met:

AbbyNAME: Abby

BREED: Goldiepoo, Goldendoodle, etc.

ABOUT: Abby lost her hearing because she loves swimming so much that the water damaged her ears. But this 6-year-old lady is as happy as can be! She was super soft and the calmest of the bunch, which is great because she visits a lot of people in hospitals.

BrigNAME: Brig

BREED: Golden Retriever

ABOUT: The second I knelt down this handsome guy was ready to give kisses and cuddles. He made sure he made his rounds to everyone in the group. It was really difficult to get a picture where he was standing still because he was so excited to see everyone!

KateNAME: Kate

BREED: English Setter

ABOUT: At first I thought maybe Kate was a little tired, but really she was just setting up in the optimal position to get unlimited belly rubs. She was very sweet, and was truly soaking in all the love the Ryerson community had to offer her.

RexNAME: Rex

BREED: Miniature Poodle

ABOUT: I mean, I don’t like to play favourites, but Rex was the best. THE. BEST. Look at that loving gaze! He just sat there and let me pet him. He was very attentive, and had an awesome curly coat that was so fluffy! He may be little, but he’s got a pretty big heart!


Spending some time with the therapy dogs was a great way to take a breather from an otherwise busy day. I definitely left with a huge smile across my face, and was filled with warm, fuzzy feelings. And the best part? They’re back tomorrow in the lower gym in Kerr Hall West from 11:00AM-1:00PM. I may or may not be going again… hint: I am. I so am.

And if you’re a current Ryerson student who can’t make it, here’s the next best thing:


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