Ryerson Takes NYC: Day Two!

RYE>NYC: Take 2


If you thought that day one in NYC was fun, wait until you hear about our day two in NYC!

Central Park
Central park was BE-A-UTIFUL! It looked like something out of a movie. There were so many hidden gems. Everything from little lakes, castles and trails; it was definitely a sight to see! Here are some of my favourite moments from the adventure in Central Park:

Flatiron District
After walking around Central Park, we took a walk down to the Flatiron District. I’m sure some of you have seen this iconic building before, but it was truly astonishing to see in person. (Also, fun fact, there is some PRIME shopping opportunities in this area!)


12211996_10156274256975437_1274021441_nThe last stop of the day was Brooklyn! Brooklyn was such a hidden treasure in the city! Not only was the bridge beautiful but once you cross, there are so many cute shops and parks! It is definitely worth it to subway there, look around, and then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back so that you can get an amazing view of Manhattan!

After this day I was POOPED. But, there were definitely more places to explore the next day, so stay tuned for day three in NYC!


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