Ryerson Takes NYC: Day Three!

Day Three. The final day in NYC. Today was our last day for exploring and we definitely took advantage of it! In day three we visited:

Boat Cruise on the Hudson
One of the first stops of the day was a boat cruise on the Hudson River! This was an amazing experience because we learned all about the history of the city. We took a cruise all the way from the lower east side, up to the upper west side! It was so pretty to see the city from the water!

High Line

The High Line was one of our next stops! This was such a phenomenal park to visit! The High Line is a revitalized train track through the west side of the city. It’s been converted into a walking path overlooking the sights of the city and there are even coffee stops along the way!



When we visited the city we HAD to visit the urban campus of NYU! NYU was VERY similar to Ryerson, being right downtown and being in the hub of all the action, it was the perfect modern campus! I loved the integration of the campus within the city and how vibrant the campus was!

Top of the Rock

The last stop on our trip was to the Top of the Rock! Top of the Rock is an amazing way to overlook the city of New York! Providing un-obstructed views, it was great for snapping pics and taking in the sights. This is definitely a MUST if you go to NYC!

Well, that was it folks! We saw the sights and explored all of NYC! If you’re interested on going on a trip with Ryerson in the future, stay tuned! There is usually a winter and fall reading break trip!


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