Ryerson Takes NYC: Day One!

Wait? Isn’t Ryerson in Toronto and not NYC?!

Yes you are 100 percent right BUT for one week, Ryerson invaded New York City and explored all that it had to offer! We saw landmarks, buildings and amazing sights and here is my recap on Ryerson’s amazing trip to NYC!

Day One

Times Square!



We arrived pretty late into the city, but we knew that the first thing that we HAD to do was do the generic tourist visit of Times Square! This square is HUGE (and almost blinding). It reminded me a lot of Yonge-Dundas Square​, right by Ryerson, if it had 5 million cups of coffee!! It was loud, fun and bright and it was a great first stop here in NYC!

First NYC Subway Ride!


Now for anyone who thinks Toronto’s transit is confusing, just wait until you see New York’s! With multiple subway lines going every which way, it sure was an adventure trying to navigate it!

That’s all for day one! Stay tuned for day two where you’ll see our adventures all over the city!

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