Ryerson Q&A with Sonia

Hello friends! As you can imagine, picking the right university can be a tough decision. I remember having to make that decision a year ago, and it was a scary but exciting one. There was a lot of uncertainty at the time, the pandemic had broken out and I had transitioned to online learning. That being said, I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I took to the WhyRyerson TikTok and Instagram accounts to have you ask me some questions. If you’re unsure how you are going to make friends in university, or are curious to know how online school works, check out this video. I’m sharing my honest experience as a first year student embarking on her university journey from her bedroom. All in all, whatever emotions you are feeling, this video is to help provide some comfort and ease any of your nerves. 

Grab a snack or drink and enjoy! 

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An image of a girl sitting at an island in a kitchen. She's on her laptop and looking at the screen.An image of Caroline Rodway, a fourth-year Performance Production student. She is smiling at the camera, has brown hair with pink tips. The photo is taken on a beach