Ryerson through the lens of a student

Ryerson is a wonderful school because everyone’s experiences are different. We all walk different paths but eventually they all cross and everyone learns meaningful lessons and meet some great people along the way. Here is a small collection of Ryerson through the lenses of current students to give you a bit more insight than just my story.


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@Station_nation, aka Jamie is a huge Jays fan and a huge Rams fan. I guarantee he will take a photo of every game he goes to and he will most likely be at every possible game. A masters of journalism student just living his best life and watching every game this university has to offer.


Walking to the most important Jays game this season

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@atallasianguy has an epic feed and has been featured in RU Student Life image gallery. An exec on Ryerson Sports Business Association and a fourth year Media Production student working on his thesis, Nicholas is a great person to follow for all things Ryerson.



The well-known @jesslicailam is a lifestyle blogger who also attends Ryerson in Media Production. She goes everywhere and writes about it, giving everyone in Toronto insight on what’s happening around our beautiful city. Believe me, she’s worth a follow.



@crookedabstract is the newest edition to the Ryerson Rams photography crew, in charge of properly capturing the Rams in all their glory. When Hung isn’t taking photos of the Rams, he is taking photos of the students around Ryersonso regardless you’re going to get a sneak peek into student life here.



@sdwng has a beautiful pink-tinted feed that will always brighten your day. Sydney spends a lot of time crafting beautiful blog posts about her life and the lessons she’s learned through university. Fitting as she is a third year Professional Communication student. High quality content, high quality photos.



@arq5h is a first year Architectural Science student with a feed that shows the beauty in simplicity.



@chris_blanchette is a fourth year Journalism student and is the media editor at the school paper, The Eyeopener. His feed featuring the urban jungle will show you all there is to explore in Toronto.

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