Ryerson Lens: Second Semester Excitement!

Hannah and Karishma here again, ready to bring you another installment of Ryerson Lens! With Winter semester back in full swing, the student body is getting back into study mode and is ready to take on the second half of the school year. We braved the chilly Toronto weather (and quickly ran back inside) to ask a few enthusiastic students to share some of the things they’re most excited for this term. Check out some of their answers below!




Tony Manful
Fourth Year Public Health 

“My race and diversity class is one of the best classes I’ve taken at Ryerson so far. It is probably the most insightful class I’ve had. Every class is like a debate, and it’s interesting to see things from a different perspective, not just the perspective that the media wants you to see.”




Andrew Ciuffreda
First Year Chemistry

“I’m excited to successfully complete my first year of university!”




Maisha Choudhury
First Year Business Technology Management 

“I’d say I’m looking forward to doing well in school. My advice is to always take notes, always go to class, and colour coordinate your notes. So far, my popular literature class has been pretty fun.”




Shane Liu
Fourth Year English 

“I’m most excited for summer to be honest. I’m excited to explore Toronto with friends and see all the events going on. Basically to be able to walk around without a coat on!”





Shawna O’Hagan
Third Year Civil Engineering 

“I’m excited for internships in the summer. I’ve applied for a few civil engineering ones so hopefully I get one.”


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