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As an aspiring photographer in such a concentrated field, I find it hard to stand out amongst the thousands of other photographers in Toronto alone. Another thing I have found challenging is to come up with a newer more creative shot every single time. I’ve recently come to learn that I have to finding inspiration for my shots from somewhere new. I recently read my first photography book, Berenice Abbot’s Berenice Abbot, and since then I have taken more unique shots. In constant need of motivation and a new perspective, I found my spot, the Ryerson Image Centre.

In their own words, “the Ryerson Image Centre (RIC) exists for the research, teaching and exhibition of photography and related media. We are an active partner within the academic fabric of Ryerson University, the cultural network of greater Toronto, and the national and international artistic community.”




Image from The Faraway Nearby collection
Image from The Faraway Nearby collectionImage from The Faraway Nearby collectionImage from The Faraway Nearby collection


I had some time and decided to check out Image Centre at Ryerson, and it turns out they have exhibitions open to the public. I spent about an hour just staring at the art and appreciating the respect associated with the exhibition. “The Faraway Nearby: Photographs of Canada from The New York Times Photo Archive, featuring photographs of Canadian subject matter from The New York Times Photo Archive, examines a century of Canada’s history and its representation in the leading American newspaper of record.”

The Faraway Nearby is one of three exhibitions at the Ryerson Image Centre until the end of the year. You can learn more about visiting the RIC on their website.

Images: ryersonimagecentre.ca

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