Ryerson Engineering: myths vs. truths

Hi everyone! During one of my takeovers on WhyRyerson’s Instagram, I asked you all to tell me some common things you have heard about Ryerson Engineering or engineering in general. I created a video discussing which of these hearsays are actually true and which of them are nothing more than myths. 

Here are some timestamps to the topics discussed in this video: 

0:19 “I need to know which type of engineering I want to do as soon as I enter university.” 

0:41 “Ryerson Engineering has a lot of strange traditions.”

1:16 “There’s a lot of math in engineering.” 

1:33 “First-year engineering students can’t get co-ops or internships.” 

1:59 “Women in engineering don’t get jobs.” 

2:16 “It doesn’t matter where I get my engineering degree.” 

2:38 “Engineering students don’t have social skills.” 

3:19 “Engineers know how to fix everything.” 

I hope this helped clear up some of your questions about engineering! 


— Jeremy

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