Ryerson Student Services You NEED In Your Life

Ryerson is full of academic services to help you succeed. Check out these four located right on campus to help you succeed in your undergraduate education, as well as post-graduation life!

Career Centre

Your source of employment, career and job search guide, job matching technology and link to networking events all in one. The Career Centre is dedicated to getting YOU a job before or after you graduate from Ryerson. They offer services in resumé building and interview prep, as well as actual employer exhibitions to help you practices your new skills!

Student Learning Support

Located in the SLC (Student Learning Centre), our Student Learning Support is here to help you with all things academic. Here you’ll be able to get the support you need in subjects such as math, English and writing; as well you can also use this centre to learn new study skills and practice what university exams are like. Oh, and did I mention they have graduate student support too?


Here is where all the financial and admission’s magic happens. Everything from student loans to scholarships, admission information to diploma pick-ups. This services is great for new and old students alike. The ServiceHub staff is full of the most supportive, welcoming and understanding people out there, give them a break and a chance to help you out!


Here we have an awesome program dedicated to both peer and career mentoring. The Trimentoring program matches first year students with upper year students in the same program or with similar interests. This match up is awesome to help the transition into first year with ease! On top of that mentors have the opportunity to be matched with industry professionals to help them gain better insight into their future careers. Students helping students is always a win-win!

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