RU Student Life’s Movie Night Under the Stars

Last Thursday I spent my evening with friends, eating popcorn and a hotdog, drinking coffee, and sobbing profusely over the emotional torture weapon that is The Fault In Our Stars! Wooo!

Many of you are probably like me and heard of TFIOS, thinking Oh, this sounds like a nice book to read! I’ll give it a go! Well, it is a nice book to read, if you enjoy HOURS AND HOURS OF TEARS. I’m not joking, you will cry more than you’ve ever cried in your whole lifetime. Then you’ll go see the movie and cry EVEN MORE because nothing has ever been more sad. But you’ll also laugh, because it’s really funny and you’ll smile over the fact that a movie could make you that emotional. Two years later, and it’s somehow become my favourite story in the entire universe.

One of the many great events organized by The RU Student Life group, Movie Nights Under the Stars are just pure fun. You get to hang out with your friends, watch a great movie, and enjoy free food in the Kerr Hall Quad. I was in from the beginning, but when I heard they were showing the TFIOS movie, and after seeing it in theatres, I knew I couldn’t pass up a second opportunity to drown myself in tears with a bunch of my fellow Ryerson students. There was a great turnout for Movie Night, with prizes also given away to lucky winners!

If you haven’t seen TFIOS, get to it right now!!! But I must warn you, this will be you…


giphy (1)

giphy (2)

Enjoy your tears and head on over to to check out more of these events going on throughout the year!

Also comment below afterwards to let me know you’re okay….

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