RU Leadership Program Launch

One of the most exciting new developments happening here at Ryerson is launch of the brand new RU Leadership program, an engaging way for students to develop their leadership skills! I attended the event on the 20th, and I must say, not only was there mindblowingly delicious food, the atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm from students and faculty alike who were busy networking and discussing the exciting start of this unique opportunity.


Through the Ryerson Passport Program website, RU Leadership offers two unique programs:


Lead Blue & Gold

-Features two different streams of tasks and initiatives to complete (helping with events, participating in workshops, on campus jobs, etc.)

-Lets you track your involvement with various leadership opportunities throughout your time at Ryerson

-Offers a checklist for different areas of leadership

-You receive a certificate once you’ve completed all leadership requirements

Volunteer Link Program

-Notifies students about a wide variety of volunteer opportunities within the Ryerson community

-Allows you to keep track of your involvement and hours


If you’re coming to university and looking to make a bold move, to challenge yourself and develop personal and professional skills in the process, this is your golden opportunity. Not only would it look great on a resume, you’ll also be meeting tons of new people and immersing yourself in the Ryerson Community! More details on the program are available here.

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