RSU Services You Forgot About

During Orientation Week were all bombarded with flyers and coupons that we hardly have the time to read through them all. Even if you did have to the time to read a few the chances are that you’ve probably forgotten what most of them said. So take advantage of all these awesome (and free!!) services the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) offers.



Health & Dental Plan

This plan covers everything from medical supplies, to chiropractors, to annual check-ups and more. It even has some travel insurance- bonus! The RSU Members’ Health Plan even covers 80% of the cost of most medications legally requiring a prescription.


The RSU is proud to offer you discounts ranging from your TTC metro pass, annual reading week trips, to fun events downtown. Next time you head to the movies or Ripely’s Aquarium grab your tickets from the member services desk for student pricing.

Tax Clinic

It’s tax season everyone! Let the RSU tax clinic take some stress off your shoulders by filing your income taxes for you for free, during the last week of March. Ryerson students also have free access to, one of Canada’s leading online tax filing services, all year long.

Legal Services

All Ryerson students have access to a lawyer at no cost. They’ll be able to help with virtually any issue, including family and criminal law, debt issues, landlord and tenant conflicts, corporate law, real estate, intellectual property issues, immigration and problems with government agencies.

CopyRite Printing Services

If you’re like me and don’t have a printer at home CopyRite is your saviour. Although it may have long lines sometimes the prices are worth the wait. CopyRite is especially helpful when it comes to custom prints and specialty projects.

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