Rez Life at Ryerson!

Where will you find some of the most spirited students on campus? In one of three amazing Ryerson’s residences! The three residences that house students at Ryerson are O’Keefe House, Pitman Hall, and International Living and Learning Centre (ILLC). These residences are awesome spaces! I currently reside in ILLC and I have been loving my year in RyeRez. Each floor in residence has an RA (residence advisor) and some floors have ALs (academic links). These upper year students are here to be your guide for all things Ryerson! They help with O-Week, are there to answer homework questions and there to make a community on your floor! These students will definitely be your go-to guy or gal in RyeRez!

So far, my floor feels like a family! Residence is great for providing new students with new friends and experiences. Everyone on our floor gets along perfectly! We have had floor potluck dinners, floor outings, and tons of floor pictures (I must admit that we do look pretty snazzy in our floor picture). Overall, my residence experience has been awesome! The buildings, food and guidance in residence is great. I would definitely recommend  residence to any students. It’s a great way to get involved and there’s something for everyone! There’s a variety of room styles (from apartment to private singles), variety of living and learning communities (LLCs), such as the fashion floor or the healthy lifestyle floor and a variety of ways to get involved.

Overall, Ryerson residence is a great experience, from move-in, to O-Week, to floor activities; there’s always something going on! What are you most excited about for Ryerson Residence?

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