Retro Vibes and Latte Art: Page One Cafe

Ryerson is located right in the middle of downtown Toronto, and in close proximity to a large variety of delicious food places. We visited some of our favourites in our new RU Cravings video series.

Page One is a spacious cafe that turns into a chill bar at night. The aesthetic of the shop is different from other spots in the area as it has a vintage and nostalgic feel to it. If you’re looking for more Page One also has a large menu featuring a variety of drink and food options. The shared platters from here are perfect for those who are on a budget and looking to have a snack with some friends.

In this video, we showcase the colourful lattes, nachos and guacamole, Mediterranean platter, espresso BBQ chicken sandwich, Nutella latte, matcha lemonade, and the chocolate peanut butter cookie.

For some highlights jump to:

0:12 Page One atmosphere

0:28 the colourful latte process

0:41 The shared platters

0:58 The espresso BBQ chicken sandwich

1:11 The Nutella latte process

1:24 The matcha lemonade process

If you’re ever struggling to find a nice space to study on campus, Page One’s large space will be perfect for you.

To learn more about Page One, visit:

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