Resume Advice…for FREE!

Ryerson student, Ayeman Bhatti, shares her free advice!

Resume writing can be a bit overwhelming. The thought of a professional considering you for a job by reading a page or two that summarizes your life’s achievements can be a bit intimidating. Because of this, you know you want an AMAZING and stand-out resume for those summer jobs, internships, part-time work, or grad school applications. Right?

Have no fear, the Ryerson Career Center is here!

The real question that needs answering is: why is Ryerson’s Career Centre resume advising service considered to be so efficient, helpful and AMAZING, even during your first year in university?

Well here are some of those answers:

1. They value your time and understand how busy the life of a student can be. That is why appointments can easily be made around your busy schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.04.52 PM

2. Get one-on-one service. A Resume & Online Profile Advisor – or, as they’re also known, ROPA’s – will sit down with you (and only you!) and give you feedback on how to improve you resume and/or your online profile on LinkedIn or Magnet. The Career Center aims to deliver quality service for your time.

3. Quality feedback. You get this, not only by having a meeting one-on-one with a ROPA, but also because the ROPA receives your resume days in advance. They will sit down on their own and construct feedback that is geared towards your specific skills, experiences and achievements.

4. The wisdom of a ROPA. A ROPA has seen many resumes and they have attended many workshops and conferences led by industry experts to learn about what types of resumes make an impact. Let me summarize: they know what they are doing. Get an appointment with them and, without a doubt, you are going to be satisfied.

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5. Resume advising services are free! If you are a Ryerson student, you get this service for F-R-E-E. And let us all be honest – everyone loves whatever is free.


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